Gluten Free Cereal

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“Farm fresh”, “Home style” - But what are you really eating?

The world is flooded with food products smeared in buzzwords and fancy labels that all promote healthy, delicious and natural ingredients.
These words, “Home style”, “Green Farm”, “Fresh”, “Sun-kissed”, “Artisanal” etc are just made up to make you buy products. They rarely mean anything real.
Let me give you some examples: All-natural ingredients could easily be a chicken carcass blended for your nuggets. Thats still natural. but not very appetizing. “Home style” is written to make you think of your mom or grandmother cooking up something delicious for a sunday roast dessert, but in reality, it’s made somewhere not at all homey. “Farm fresh”? I mean… what is farm fresh? You might as well write straight from Willy Wonkas happy cows.. it doesn’t mean anything. You get the point.

This project was made to emphasize what really goes in to our food. In a world full of smart pr-workers and wellmade commercials, we have to stay vigilant when grocery shopping.

Shipped in a tube.